Self Portrait as Mariam / as Moses

I profit. I, false prophet. 

Matzo poetics, body

unleavened in the dust.

It has taken my girlhood 

hastily in flight out of 

embryotic Egypt. Paste

bones & sweet apple

mortar. Good girl, stay.


Call me amphibian;

I always pull myself 

out of the water; the 

osmosis of the Jewish 

girl. My silt swallowing 

mouth: Anthropocene,

lizard metamorphosis.

Call me shtetl creature. 


One day I will be yeast

dough, full double-rise

& swell; top rinsed with

yolk wash. One day I will 

tell my brother he is my

brother. One day I will 

tell my brother I am no

sister. Exit Miriam, parched.

Marilyn Schotland is a poet from Philadelphia currently studying for a BA in History of Art at the University of Michigan. She is the poetry editor of Bombus Press and the recipient of the 2018 Marjorie Rapaport Award in Poetry. Recent and forthcoming publications can be found in Cotton Xenomorph, Glass, Five:2:One, and Tinderbox Poetry Journal.