Emma Lindsay



High on the soft air—

a pale of water

milked from the sky 

or dragged from the duvet fug.


Take some tea to sup

and a fresh plum.


The sage and the sage,

so fresh

and wild

heart full of time,

of thyme.


It has been a long time.

Parting Ways

I am looking at lots and lots of partings,

and a magazine: 

Touch your hair if you want to know something more.

A tiny glimpse of scalp,

a backwards facing train.


After we parted ways, 

gravity                 for a bit. 

Permanent Wave

I got a perm and fell in love for half an hour.

I didn’t know any better.


Flecks of ardour, the flotsam of this ebb 

                                    and eddy.

Emma Lindsay is a poet, performance video and installation artist residing in London, England. She is a recent graduate of Falmouth University and now attends Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance as a MA in Creative Practice candidate.