Well, anyways, we're here until August

It’s something like;

two stumps standing in the place where they used to be willows — 


It’s like two stumps mourning their own limbs

and the summer shade

and the dogs chained around their necks

and the heaviest lean

and all the ways they used to hold.

It’s like separating

one flower from the rest

and pushing each crimson petal back into its hull.

                  It’s like cadmium dust on

                  the index — on skin. 


It’s “Hello, Robin?”

                  “Oh, it must be my connection — let me call you back.” 



“Well, anyways, we’re here until August.” 

Katie Zychowski is a fine art photographer living and working in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who has exhibited her work nationally. Zychowski attended Kendall College of Art and Design (2007 - 2011) and graduated with honors. Zychowski has worked in the non-profit sector as an arts advocate for the past seven years and is concurrently working on a body of visual and written works.