James Allen Thomson

Did you think gold was the same as soapstone? 

Did you use the bottom of your shoe to wring the water out? 

Did you settle down upon the floor to drink the trace amounts? 


On Wednesday, I parked my car halfway in the ditch 

and watched a Holstein graze through the fence 

for the tall timothy grasses. This went on for three hours. 


I wish to wake with wood grain imprints on my face. 

I wish to say this and that as prophecy. 

I wish to lead by example. 


I overheard two women discussing how to price 

their goods for sale. One of them said her friend was 

going through the same exact thing. Aren’t we all, I thought.  

James Allen Thomson is a lecturer of English at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. James has been called a tumbleweed, a husband, and, amongst all other things, a distraction, for which he is extremely grateful for the opportunities.