Kathleen Casey

when the green light across the bay

is a pixelated indication that she’s online

and thus imminently fuckable, à la Gatsby


when tumblr posts have replaced

poetry and streamlined the mind

observing the tradition of the demarcated

0s and ones that meekly blip

racing along the transistors

and decrying transience


and when hyperlinks underlined blue

take us on these recursive journeys

hopping from one URL to another:


again, &

           again, &

                       again, &
































Kathleen Casey has a degree in fine art and has been actively involved in the visual arts since completing her education. An international traveler, she has published and received awards for both her artwork and photography. A fascination with calligraphy spurred her to study the history of typography and graphic design. In recent years she has pursued the joy of writing poetry.  She is inspired by the gifts of the earth, the mysteries of human behavior and the marvels of the cosmos. Her passions include language, color, texture, conservation, gardening, theatre, poetry and animals, especially of the feline persuasion.