Falk, California

Robert Grant

Do you remember the morning we all walked along

that shaded trail, past the abandoned logging town,

until we came to a spot where the river thinned

and the bank could accommodate a blanket?


The children searched for rocks small enough

to lift and throw, big enough to make a SPLASH!

before crashing onto and remaking the river bed.


The ladies unpacked bulging purses and prepared

a light lunch, savoring the sweetness of proximity,

adding another room to the house of their friendship.


You and I tested the limits of our strength and wisdom,

climbing trees whose trunks and limbs called to that 

child-adventurer part of our hearts—a part I suspect

will always be there, even if one day just a spark.

Robert Grant is a poet-screenwriter whose poems have appeared in DASHMudfishThe Esthetic Apostle, etc.—as well as on numerous unsolicited postcards to family and friends. Recently, he helped a retired US Air Force colonel write his memoir. He is currently at work on a family drama (screenplay).