Svetlana Sterlin

Wine Tasting


Under the pale bowl of sky they stand                               blood-speckled

She throws and                        glass drops to the ground

Doorstep sunk

                                           under red cascade. 

Last Spring

Sunlight spilled me like a lake 

and Dawn’s breeze bloomed me awake.


It shook my feet to the floor

and carried my tides 


to the door. My dreamscape bled

into hazy day,


and swept against 

my shuffling legs: 


a stream of seawater 

drained my nightmare’s dregs.


I scrambled to steal 

last night’s story,


to scribble it down 

before morning.


The New Year smells of / fireworks and fizzled crackers / fogged glass in cars / confetti

of leaves / kicked up / by tiny old flames / our heedless feet / confetti of leaves / frigid office air / white window cracks through silence / your stiff old spine. 

Svetlana Sterlin lives in Brisbane, Australia, where she studies a BFA (Creative and Professional Writing) and experiments with writing of various forms and (sometimes blended) genres. Her work appears in Entropy Magazine, Projector Magazine, Santa Fe Writers Project and other magazines, as well as AndAlso Books' anthology Within/Without These Walls published in association with the 2018 Brisbane Open House exhibition.